Hello from The Sims 3 team!

Hello from The Sims 3 team,   This is the first installment of a regular blog in which you’ll hear from developers about what we’re creating, how we’re building it, and other random stories about life.

While I was on the train last night, I started thinking about a feature in The Sims 3 that we call Traits. Traits are like atoms of personality that you can assign to your Sims. You combine them to create complex personalities. There are lots of Traits to choose from, like Nice, Workaholic, Athletic, Kleptomaniac, Flirty, Romantic, Lucky and much more. I can’t do this feature justice without taking up a lot of your time, but I’ll try to explain it quickly. When you assign Traits to a Sim, that Sim will look and act the part. They’ll have unique behaviors, preferences and advantages.  I started thinking about the appearance of the people I was watching. What would their Trait make-up in The Sims 3 be like? I started assigning Traits in my head. Could I recreate their personality in The Sims 3? What about my own Traits? I started to run down the list of Traits to decide what I should apply to myself. I wondered “What Traits would my wife as sign to me?” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud because they would be different than what I might choose. …I won’t share too much, but you really need to have a sense of humor about yourself if you want to try this exercise!

When I got home, I decided to find out what my wife really thinks of me. I asked her to make me in the game and assign traits to me. I said “Keep it real, don’t pull any punches.” I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by what she put together.  She said that she would assign “Easily Bored” to me, which was not a surprise. She also gave me the “Athletic” trait because I like to race bikes. She said that I had a “Good Sense of Humor”. At this point I was feeling pretty confident…but then she brought out the “Vain” trait and put me in my place.

To wrap it up, she selected “Good” (I think she did that so that I would feel better). Then she proceeded to mistreat my poor Sim doppelganger in the game…   The Traits system is all about telling stories: hilarious, new, meaningful, or mischievous stories. For your blog reading pleasure, I’m going to put my Sim look-a-like through the paces in The Sims 3. Let’s see how his Traits guide his destiny in the game.

The next time you are surrounded  by a crowd of real people, I encourage you to think of them as Sims. Guess their Traits, or assign them some and use your imagination. Watch and let the all the humor and drama of life play out. It will probably make you smile and it will definitely get you ready for The Sims 3.   Just don’t tell anyone what you are thinking…let’s keep it our secret.   More stories to come! Ben

Ben Bell
Executive Producer