Who are the Sims of Sunset Valley?

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I began playing The Sims when the original version first came out and I haven’t stopped since, nor have I missed a single expansion pack or stuff pack.  Never would I have imagined, back when my Sims were at a commercial shoot in The Sims Superstar Expansion Pack, or when I first experienced the joy of an alien toddler in Strangetown in The Sims 2, that I’d one day be helping to make The Sims 3 as fun and addictive as its predecessors!  My job is to work with designers and producers to develop stories for each Sim living in Sunset Valley, and then I craft every aspect of them and bring them into the game.

When brainstorming about who the Sims in Sunset Valley would be -- their back stories, traits, relationships, careers, and appearance -- some of the things we considered were:  What types of Sims do we, personally, like to play? What kinds of family stories make us say to ourselves, “Oh, I’ve got to get in there and help these people out” or “I really want to see what their life is like”?

I enjoy finding the right balance between everyday situations and extreme ones, when coming up with the back story for a household of Sims.  What matters to me most is that their story draws me in. We hope that the Sims of Sunset Valley will draw you in, too, whether it’s through the bio that you read when deciding that’s the household you’d like to play as or by having one of the Sims from your own household meet a neighbor that has such evocative traits, you can’t help but have your Sim befriend them.

One of our families, the Wolffs, is a newly married couple living along the beach. Big deal, right? But read their bio and you find out that they may have rushed into their marriage too quickly, before even realizing that Morgana’s intent was to have children and that Thornton is opposed to fatherhood. What possibilities! Will you go ahead and have them start a family and see how Thornton reacts? Will you have Morgana move out on her own and try to start over with someone new? Or do you leave things as-is and just never promise to fulfill any family-related wishes Morgana may have?

And how about the Hart family?  Mother, father, and teen daughter. Sound boring? Hardly! Take a closer look and discover that both parents have the “insane” trait. Poor Bebe is just trying to be a normal teenager, but how can she when her dad wears bunny slippers to the family picnic and her mom is swatting at imaginary pixies in the air? Is it best to just grow her up and move her out of there as soon as possible? Or would keeping her at home to care for her parents and help them live as normal a life as possible be the proper thing to do?

If playing single Sims is more your style, then take a look at Claire Ursine. She lives alone and loves to fish. Her life seems like it could be a bit ho-hum --or not!  Did you know that she’s pregnant? And has a job in the criminal career track? What will become of a baby growing up in this situation? Will you have Claire change to a more upstanding job? Or will you groom her child into following in Claire’s footsteps one day?

This is just a small sampling of the households living in the new Sunset Valley neighborhood in The Sims 3 . Each of our families has been created to intrigue you, make you want to get to know them better, and bring life and diversity to the town.  You can choose to play them in the game or to have them as your own Sims’ neighbors. They might also turn out to be your coworker or the guy you see at your favorite fishing spot on the weekend.  There’s never a dull moment in Sunset Valley!

- Jennie

Jennie Hozman
Sim Designer