Create a Style

Create a Style

Jennifer Lane – Associate Producer


My name is Jenn, and I’m a producer on The Sims 3.  It’s always fun to talk about the game with players and today I’m going to tell you all about one of my favorite new features in The Sims 3—Create a Style!


Have you ever gone shopping and found a great outfit, perfect in every way except the pattern looks like a paint bucket exploded in the textile factory? Ever lost track of time after sitting in super comfy reading chair because you’ve been hypnotized by the garish pattern?


No worries! In The Sims 3 you’ll be able to put your personal touch on practically everything that your Sims own.


The Sims 3 will have a slew of clothing and objects available in the Create a Sim, Build Mode, and Buy Mode catalogs. There are plenty of ready-made design options, so you can quickly dress your Sim or furnish your house with designer flare and go play. But if you want to interject your own personal style into the game, Create a Style allows you to customize clothing, furnishings, walls, and nearly anything else your Sims can interact with.


In Create a Style you’ll have dozens of patterns to choose from including different fabrics, masonry, paint, metals, and a lot more. You can use the patterns in any way you want. If you really, really want to make a Sim wearing metal shoes and wooden pants, go for it!


Not only can you switch patterns around, you can apply them to select areas of an object to create a unique look. You can create a polka dot door with animal print door knobs or a tile lined sink with plaid water fixtures. Each item has between one and four customizable regions that can be modified. Take a polo shirt and add a plaid pattern to the collar, stripes to the sleeves and leopard print to the body for that … unique … design flourish. Okay, maybe there are more fashionable ways to design, but that’s for you to decide.


What if you love that bold geometric pattern, but hate the color scheme? Create a Style lets you pick the colors within patterns too. It even has warm and cool color palates to help you match hues for a color-coordinated theme.


When you’re finished creating, you can save your design for later use. And if you’re really into coordinated schemes, it’s easy to apply the same pattern to other objects that your Sims own for that extreme matchy-matchy look. Your Sims could have black and white striped socks to match their black and white striped car or a plaid shirt that matches their countertops. Your Sim’s house could be decked out in argyle everything! –or not…


With so many options, you can decorate your house with a different motif everyday. Will you choose classic, rustic, and chic themes or mix and match to your hearts desire? Will you make your Sims fashion victims or mavericks of style? It’s up to you to create their style.


I can hardly wait to see your results!



Jennifer Lane
Associate Producer