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Howdy! My name is JoAnna. One of the parts of The Sims 3 game that I produce is the town that you'll experience. We're having a blast creating this place for you! The town sits in a cozy cove that has everything from a beach and rocky coastline to mountains and farm land. The neighborhoods that extend through these areas all have their own style and feel. The place where your Sims live actually makes a difference. If you pick one of the smaller houses behind the town hall, they’ll have quick access to the activity of the town center, but their surroundings won’t be as nice as the coastal lots nestled among the pine trees. If you decide you want your Sims to live up on Summer Hill, they’ll have scenic vistas and colorful, wealthy neighbors for sure, but they’ll have to earn enough money to build there and they’ll spend more time in the car commuting to work.


Each occupied house is also tailored for the Sims who live in it. For example, Mrs. Crumplebottom's home is stoic with its modern, monochromatic furniture. The Bunch house reflects practicality over style, accommodating the family’s four kids of all ages. And if you’re looking for a special home to go on a particular plot of land that boasts your favorite view, you can find an array of different houses in the in-game "library". Browse through the collection and then plop the house you want right into the town. You'll also be able to modify any location, from decorating the yard with flamingos to bulldozing and rebuilding from the ground up, to replacing the family, or refurnishing it with retro ‘70s-themed furniture.  One of my favorite houses is an ultra-tacky “starter home” that features a corrugated metal roof, mismatched wallpaper, a camo-covered living room set, zebra-print bedspreads, and even chain-link fence for the concrete yard.


Like the houses, all of the town residents also get a full design treatment. They have back stories, unique personality traits, relationships with Sims throughout the town, fully-designed wardrobes, detailed faces, careers, and more—everything to make them evolving, living citizens. Some are old, some are young, some are expecting, some are in love, some are slackers, some are rising stars, and some are simply looking for their place in the world.


When you’re ready to strike out beyond the surrounding neighborhood, the town center is ready and waiting! Your Sims can swim with friends at the public pool or throw a birthday party there. If your Sims want to work out and meet other athletic Sims, they can make the gym their regular stop. Art-loving Sims can visit the art gallery for inspiration and you can even replace the art there with paintings by your Sims! The bustling park is one of the most popular hang outs with its convenient fishing spots and an open green space that is perfect for picnics, barbeques, and games of catch.  I don’t know if I’m just a nerd, but I especially like the town library that sits off the corner of the park.  Maybe it’s the study areas surrounded by regal bookshelves or the grand central staircase or the kid’s play area in the west wing… or maybe it’s the Power Study moodlet my Sims get when they do their homework there.


Well, hopefully this gives you an idea of some of the fun places you’ll find around town in The Sims 3. I really hope you enjoy discovering the town and all of us here on the team really look forward to seeing what you do with it! Thanks for reading!


- JoAnna

JoAnna Lio
Associate Producer