Careers and Opportunities

Hello Fans of The Sims!

When it comes to careers, you frequently hear this advice, “Do what you love, and love what you do.” As a designer on The Sims 3, I love my job because I’ve been able to witness The Sims grow and develop right alongside me. In The Sims 3, I can assure you that your Sims will be able to do what they love, and love what they do, too! Their careers have matured and are deeper with exciting new gameplay and I’m going to share some of that with you today.

First, you’ll have many of your favorite careers from The Sims 2 such as the Law Enforcement and Athletic tracks. Of course, there will also be some new ones! With the debut of the Journalism career, your Sim will get to exercise their charisma skill by writing superior reviews of Sunset Valley locales and potentially become a star news anchor!

Your Sims can look for these jobs in the newspaper or apply right at the building where they’d like to work. If you want them to be musicians, head down to the theater to join up and then maybe stay for a show afterwards!

However, if you’re the type who likes to make a living at home selling paintings or growing fruit and vegetables and you want to pull in a little extra cash on the side — you can! Just swing by the local grocery store or day spa and sign up for a part-time job, complete with perks such as discounted ingredients and complimentary massages!

One of my favorite parts of the new career system is that there are some really enjoyable factors that determine your performance. For example, in the Business career, you can weasel your way to the top by schmoozing with the boss and developing your relationship outside of work. In the Medical career, keeping up on the medical journals that arrive in your mailbox will put you ahead. If you’re a politician, you’ll want to throw campaign fundraisers and solicit donations from the locals downtown.

Now this brings up a funny story: Today we had a team meeting in which Ben, the executive producer of the game, was giving a demo where he was playing a Sim in the Politics career. Unexpectedly, an opportunity popped up offering him a chance to dip into the campaign funds and illicitly skim some cash off the top for himself. Ben’s Sim gave it a shot, but was caught in the act, and the City Hall canned him. Too bad… but the local crime syndicate soon got word and within hours he’d been offered a lucrative position in the Criminal track! It was one of those unexpected moments that has always made The Sims games so entertaining!

Another exciting feature The Sims 3 now offers is branching careers! If you were to take a job at the criminal hideout, midway through you’ll be given the chance to delve into the burglar branch where you could become a Master Thief, or perhaps you’ll decide Evil is your true calling, and you’ll aim to be a World Dominator.

Once you reach the top of a career, though, it’s not over — if you keep excelling at your duties, you can rake in extra Simoleans through additional raises.

In The Sims 3, you can also take a bit of your career home with you through our new Opportunity system.  Opportunities pop up while you play, giving you the chance to do a bit of extra work for a bonus—added performance, improved relationships with your coworkers, cash, a raise, or objects, to name a few.

For example, while you’re an evil henchman, you may be asked to rough someone up for the greater good of criminals everywhere. On the opposite side of the ethical scale, if you’re a medical intern, you might get an opportunity to donate part of your pancreas — you’ll be sore, but you’ll make a new friend and get a raise to boot. Or maybe your employer recognizes you’re an aspiring artist on the side and will request you bring in one of your better paintings to hang in the building!

There are also other ways to get opportunities that don’t depend on your Sims’ careers. If you’re working on a skill, you may get calls from other Sims looking for your help — but that’s a different story for a different day. Now it’s time I go back to doing what I love. Hopefully you’ll all love what we do too!


-- Ray Mazza

Ray Mazza
Game Designer