Babylonia is well known for creating a detailed book series using The Sims as a medium for her art.  For The Sims 3 Exchange, she created a few houses that other players can eventually download.  With quaint accents and attention to detail, these houses are the perfect addition of any corner of Sunset Valley.


The first home is a green and white country manor with lots of windows and sunflowers out front.  There is a tiny lake off the back deck with lounge chairs for relaxing.  The second house is delightfully modern with a sculpture in the front, a garage, slanted asymmetrical architecture and a pool/picnic area in the backyard.  The modern home is perfect for the bachelor or Computer Whiz in your neighborhood.  The interior is partially furnished in warm creams and browns.

The final house Babylonia created for the exchange is a majestic estate with sprawling gardens, three stories and two wings separated by the main core of the home.  The interiors feature detailed flooring with intricately colored tiles, sweeping staircases, and plenty of windows with views of the beautiful sun setting over the valley.  Babylonia’s creations will be available on the exchange when the game ships in June.

Q&A with Babylonia
What do you love most about The Sims?
I’m also a cartoonist and I love the fact that The Sims gives me the ability to express anything I want.

What is your most memorable experience from The Sims?
I was playing with the characters from my book series (Timy and Mari) and they had a beautiful baby.

What is your favorite Personality Trait from The Sims 3?
I like the bookworm trait.