Ehaught58 is known in The Sims Community for creating memorable lots and at this year’s Creators Camp, he didn’t disappoint.  One of the few creators to experiment with creating a Community Lot, Ehaught58 contributed some signature lots and houses to the exchange.


Ehaught58’s first creation is a classic 1970’s inspired lakeside log cabin.  Complete with a wrap around observation deck for lounging in the sun, fire-pit area for roasting marshmallows, and nearby pick-up truck for those necessary trips into town, this home is perfect for a family of outdoorsy, nature loving Sims.


His second creation is a seaside brick estate with charming dormers and wood accents around the entrance.  This home features a grand living room right off the main entrance which is perfect for hosting parties.



Ehaught58’s most unique creation of the week was his community lot, The Sunset Pub and Grill.  Fashioned after an English style pub, Sims can grab a drink or play a game of checkers or foosball at this stylish lot.



Ehaught58’s style can be found throughout out all of his creations with his unique use of wood paneling, lighting, and classic architecture.  Be sure to download some of his lots for your town when the Exchange goes live in June.



Q&A with Ehaught58

What is your favorite new feature from The Sims 3?

The Create a Style tool.


If you could take any aspect from the game and convert it into a real life moment what would it be?

Being able to magically pull things out of my pocket.


What is your favorite Personality Trait from The Sims 3?

I like the Paranoid trait – where they’re afraid of everything.


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