When asked what she loves the most about The Sims, Estatica replied that she loves the fact that you can create your own universe, with your own characters and share your creations with others.  At The Sims 3 Creator’s Camp, she started this process by offering up some beautiful homes for The Sims 3 Exchange.

One of the homes she created is a manor house created in a pleasant, country style with rich stone accents.  The majority of the lot is gated with space for a car in the front yard area.  The manor features a pond, picnic tables and large backyard perfect for fishing, playing catch, or starting a prized garden.  The interior of the manor is also richly furnished with comforting brown and wood tones that give the rooms a homey feel.

Estatica also created other houses for The Sims 3 exchange including a beach front starter home with picture windows and contemporary wood and stone wall siding.  You can download her content when The Sims 3 Exchange goes live in June.

Q&A with Estatica

What is your favorite new feature in The Sims 3?
Create a Style is awesome. I also love the new Personality Traits and the landscaping options.

What is the craziest thing that has ever happened in your game?
Probably not the craziest, but I was really shocked when one of my Sims’ pregnancies resulted in twins.  I didn’t know that Sims could have twins or that it was relatively rare.

What is your favorite Personality Trait from The Sims 3?
I like the Hopeless Romantic Trait. Sims have really funny expressions when they are in love.