Custom content creator Frances built three homes for The Sims 3 Exchange.  All three of the homes bring a distinct and different feel to The Exchange.  The first is a designer home with wide patio spaces and a clean architecture style with lines that hearken back to the 1970’s.  The second is a modern home with slanted roofing, a swimming pool and lovely garden, and the last is a cozy craftsman style home with charming shuttered windows and a rose covered trellis out front.


Frances’ favorite creation from the week was her modern home and the furniture that can be found inside.  From the curb, the house is almost hidden from the street behind the abundant foliage of the front yard.  The large windows give the home an open feel while helping to merge the building with the landscape surrounding it.  The interior is fully designed with matching furniture colored with a calming scheme of cool greens, deep purples, and white.  It’s the perfect home for a bachelor or bachelorette Sim, or a young couple.


Her other homes are also furnished.  The designer home is designed in chic red and white tones with curvy furniture pieces while the craftsman home has more classically styled furniture.  You can find Frances’ creations at when The Exchange goes live in June.

Q&A with Frances
What was your most memorable experience from The Sims?
I met the love of my life thanks to The Sims :)

What are your favorite new features from The Sims 3?
I like Create a Style and the ability to play in the entire neighborhood.

What is your favorite Personality Trait from The Sims 3?
I like the Couch Potato Trait.