Hatshepsut specializes in creating houses, walls and floors. During The Sims 3 Creator’s Camp she created collections of themed items as well as full houses for The Sims 3 Exchange.  Her favorite piece of content, a house she created in a Mediterranean style, includes a wide front porch, sculptured front garden, pool, balconies, and patio set.

Hatshepsut also put together some beautifully matched living, dining and bathroom furniture sets.  The truly minty collection is clean and bright with bathroom furniture done in a fresh light green color scheme.   That collection goes well with the Aquassential living room furniture designs, which couple lively yellow and aquamarine colors into a contemporary pattern that gives the furniture an underwater feel.

When asked what her favorite part of The Sims is, Hatshepsut replied that she loves being able to create life-like homes and watch her Sims live out their lives within them.  Perhaps you’ll enjoy watching your Sims live out their lives within her creations as well.  All of Hatshepsut’s downloadable content will be available when The Exchange goes live in June.

Q&A with Hatshepsut

What is your most memorable experience from The Sims?
After the creators camp? :) Creating my 1st Sim home and seeing it featured on TSR.

If you could take any aspect from the game and convert it into a real life moment what would it be?
Being able to get a job without an interview.

What is your favorite Personality Trait from The Sims 3?
I like making my Sims neurotic.


United Kingdom