Padre describes his most memorable experience from playing The Sims as the very first time he offered a mesh for upload to the community where it was accepted and downloaded by other players.  Best known in the community for creating custom meshes and home décor, Padre brought a clean yet eclectic style to the Content Creators Camp.

With a collection of Sims, Lots, and Objects Padre offers a wide variety of items on the Exchange.  His content ranges from the ultra posh, modern home titled Zen to the UG. Lee bed and dresser set which is… well, I’m sure you can guess :)


333 Joashntif Lane is a cozy abode with a charming pond in the front yard.  It’s perfect for a single Sim or young couple just starting their lives in Sunset Valley.  The 1 bedroom 1 bathroom house includes a large porch, white picket fence and an interior design style straight out of the 70’s. 


Zen, is smartly decorated with a white on white interior design that would be impossible to keep clean in the real world. Complete with picturesque wall to wall windows, a sunken living room and zen garden, this home is ideal for the neat, perfectionist in your neighborhood.  Padre’s creations will be available when The Exchange goes live in June.

Q&A with Padre

What is the meanest thing you’ve ever done to one of your Sims?
Making them have bladder failure while sitting at the dinner table.

What do you love the most about The Sims?
Their language and idiosyncrasies. Offing them, Being able to include my own content into the game for myself and others to enjoy.

What is your favorite Personality Trait from The Sims 3?
I like the Clumsy trait.


New Zealand