This creator amazed The Sims 3 Team with her ability to make some of the most unique Sims we’ve seen yet.  From the bizarre to the cute to the unfortunate, the look of her Sims practically begs the player to create bizarre storylines for them to live out.


 With cartoonish features that lend distinct personality to each Sims appearance, it’s easy to imagine the lives these Sims would lead in Sunset Valley.  Shtinky’s Sim Lila Loofer won the award for most unfortunate Sim at the content creator’s camp and if you check out the Screenshot below you can see why!


In addition to Sims, Shtinky created houses that can be downloaded on the exchange as well.  There’s a beach house fit for the hippest of Sims as well as a creepy little cabin in the forest just waiting for a Sim with a nefarious past to call it home.  Check out Shtinky’s entire collection of work when The Sims 3 Exchange goes live in June 2009.

Q&A with Shtinky 
What is your favorite new feature from The Sims 3?
I love the overall ramping up of detail and complexity. From the Personality Traits and improvements in character physique of CAS, to the fact that there’s a colour wheel for everything.

If you could take any aspect of the game and convert it into a real life moment what would it be?
Mmmm… Perhaps the way that ‘studying’ increases you skills so quickly!

What is your favorite Personality Trait from The Sims 3?
Hehehe… “Inappropriate” that’s totally a cool idea that made me want to see how it affected the character.