Specializing in object creation, outfits and building, Suza created unique Sims with customized clothing and houses for The Sims 3 exchange.  Created with an eye for realism, these Sims look like people that you might pass on the street! 


From their facial features, to their clothing and the accessories they wear every aspect of Suza’s Sims were carefully coordinated to create a picture of a family who complemented each other and their house well while remaining very detailed and visually interesting Sims.  Her male Sim has a hip pair of glasses that perfectly match his glasses while the female Sims makeup was customized to coordinate with her outfit.  One of Suza’s other Sims is a young girl with pigtails and freckles who’s argyle sweater just happens to match the diamond flooring throughout most of the house.  


When asked about her favorite piece of content for the week Suza replied that she really enjoyed the new building tools while creating her house.  The ability to place items off of the grid and turn them 360 degrees gives her cozy home a lived in feel.  Suza’s Sims and houses can be downloaded from when The Sims 3 Enchange goes live in June 2009.


Q&A with Suza

What is your favorite new feature from The Sims 3?

The new building tools are my favorite.


If you could take any aspect of the game and convert it into a real life moment what would it be?

The cheats for motherlode and a clean household.


What was your favorite part of the Creator’s Camp?

It was nice to see the faces behind the sites and EA and hear behind the scenes stories on the creation of The Sims 3.  The visit to the voice studio was fun as well.