Creating over 40 recolors for The Exchange, TSR_DOT’s custom content offers up collections of items that can be combined and mismatched in a variety of different ways to complement the home of any Sim.  From furniture, to jewelry, to light fixtures, there is customized content here for everyone.
TSR_DOT utilized the Create a Style tool to create fixtures and furniture that complement each other perfectly.  Within the tools she was able to customize patterns and save presets that could later be applied to any object she chose.  She was able to create a series of matching bedroom and kitchen furniture with Create a Style.  From the bed to the cabinets to the dressers and mirrors,  the furniture is finished in a clean white wood with golden-rod accents.

Some of the most interesting items from TSR_DOT’s collection include the wall lamps that contain a marble and stone finish. Other lamps, chandeliers and wall sconces she created for the Exchange are categorized with brass, metal accents that match perfectly with other accessories for home décor.  TSR_DOT’s items for the home will be available on The Exchange when the game ships in June.



United States