TheSidDog loves to create characters and sets with The Sims 3 that can be used in his machinima. During the Content Creators' Camp, TheSidDog created movies using captured footage from the game which he edited with the Create a Movie Tool.

His favorite piece of machinima was a movie titled “A Day With Creepy the Clown”.  He started it off as a practice piece so that he could get used to the new tools, but ended up enjoying it the most.

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When asked about his favorite experience from The Sims, TheSidDog replied that coming to the Creators' Camp to make machinima and meet other fans of the game was definitely memorable.  Check out all of TheSidDog's movies at when the game launches in June.

Q&A with TheSidDog

What is your favorite Personality Trait from The Sims 3?
Insane, hands down. My "Creepy the Clown" video did that trait justice.

If you could take any aspect from the game and convert it into a real life moment what would it be?
The obvious choice is the Motherlode cheat, but I liked the feature in Sims 3 that told you what other Sims were thinking about your own Sim. Reading minds would be AWESOME.

What is your favorite new feature in The Sims 3?
I love the new Create-a-Sim and especially Create-a-Style; it will come in handy when building machinima sets.

Watch TheSidDog's "A Day With Creepy the Clown" video
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