Ulkrhsn created some very unique Sims for The Sims 3 Exchange.  From toddlers to children, to adults, this creator used the new CAS tools, along with their own signature style, to create some amazing looking Sims.


Utilizing the Create a Style tool, Ulkrhsn was able to provide each of character with a signature look.  The toddler is wearing a pink cardigan with a flower print shirt underneath and both of the children are wearing clothing that matches perfectly with their rain boots. One of Ulkrhsn’s favorite Sims has argyle printed tights matched with a skirt and ballet flats.

While the detail added to the clothing and color choices is clear, the real complexity in Ulkrhsn’s work can be found in the facial features of The Sims.  The men especially are very masculine with small touches that make them unique, whether it’s white blond hair, a kind smile, or amber colored eyes.  You can download Ulkrhsn’s Sims into your town when the game ships in June.