From clothing to furniture to houses, tdyannd utilized the Create a Style tool to customize Sims and furniture, adding her own eclectic style to her game.  With carefully chosen patterns and thoughtful color choices her custom content ranges from contemporary styled pieces that would fit the homes of any stylish Sims’ to a few wacky and unique objects fit only for eccentric Sims.

Specializing in creating Sims, lots, and recolors of existing in game objects, tdyannd was able to create a wide range of outfits, walls, and furniture for the exchange.  Many of her furniture pieces matched a set of walls or floors and could be downloaded and combined to and a stylish theme to your Sims home.  The outfits and clothing for Sim tdyannd’s created range from coordinated jumpers for toddlers to brightly colored swimsuits for adults. One of the most memorable pieces of creative content from is an old fashioned, boxy shaped car that’s sporting a hip pattern of purple and green stars against a black paint job.



When asked about the content she created, tdyannd stated that the furniture she was able to customize with the Create a Style tool were her favorite.  Her detail to color and pattern choice set her content apart on the exchange. All of tdyannd’s creations will be available on The Sims 3 Exchange in June of 2009.  

Q&A with tdyannd
What is your favorite new feature from The Sims 3?



If you could take any aspect of the game and convert it into a real life moment what would it be?

Motherlode… For sure!


What did you most enjoy about the Creator’s Camp?

Meeting people from all over the world.



United States