Teasingmeat1 is best known for homebuilding and creating custom content.  One of the things that he loves the most about The Sims is that the community allows him to share his creations with other Simmers.  For The Sims 3 Exchange, teasingmeat1 created a variety of houses for that range from helpful starter homes to modern dream estates.


His Starter Home is perfect for players who like to help their Sims work their way to the top without the assistance of the “Motherload” cheat.  The 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom house comes fully furnished for under 20,000 Simoleans and even includes a pool.   Some of the more elaborate homes Teasingmeat1 has created have elements of the beach front modern homes often found in sunny locals.  These houses feature large windows that capture the beautiful scenery of Sunset Valley as well as tropical landscaping.


In addition to his contemporary creations, Teasingmeat1 also built a large estate that uses a more traditional architecture style as well as a community lot called Sims Little Memorial Park.   The park is complete with gazebo style resting areas and BBQ pits.  You can find Teasingmeat1’s work on The Sims 3 Exchange when the game ships in June.



Q&A with Teasingmeat1
What do you love the most about The Sims?
It gives me the ability to create and share with other Simmers.

What is your favorite new feature in The Sims 3?
The “Full Rotation” furniture placement cheat.

What is your favorite Personality Trait from The Sims 3?


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