TheSidDog April 30, 2009
The Great The Sims 3 Facial Hair Competition
Grant Rodiek April 26, 2009
Let There Be Sims - June 2009

The official The Sims 3 game launches on June 2 with:

With the official The Sims 3 game, unlock a new town online!
Riverview is a complete town filled with  intriguing new Sims to play. It’s exclusively available online to download and expand your game.

Get $10 worth of SimPoints to customize your game with additional items from The Sims 3 Store only. Choose from hundreds of new clothing, furniture, and design items to enrich your Sims lives.

Create any Sim you can imagine
and give them unique personalities. Make your Sims' Evil, Romantic, Paranoid, Kleptomaniacs, or more.

Control your Sims' destinies. Will your Sims be Rock Stars, World Leaders, Expert Thieves - it's up to you.

Customize everything. Infinite customization possibilities for their clothing, furnishings, even their car.

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